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Gen One Labs

Gen One Labs- Vit C & E

Gen One Labs- Vit C & E

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Specifically Formulated for to Keep Your Immune System Fully Functional

A healthy immune system is one of the most important factors in overall health. Not only are these two vitamins the most important when it comes to protecting your immune system but they also help to keep your recovery active as well as help with preventing you from getting things like the common cold. This is why we developed Ultra Premium Vitamin C & Vitamin E. BENEFITS OF ULTRA PREMIUM VITAMIN C & VITAMIN E Enhanced Absorption - Rapid Release Veggie Capsules To Assist The Body In Up-taking Each Serving Of High Vitamin C & Vitamin E. Aids With Immune System - Vitamin C & Vitamin E are staples in helping your immune system function optimally. Helps To Improve Overall Health - Vitamin C & Vitamin E aid with overall health improvement from your immune system to your skin, hair, and recovery. 1000mg Per Serving- Each serving contains 1000mg of Vitamin C & Vitamin E. VITAMIN C & VITAMIN E ARE KEY FOR OVERALL HEALTH It is crystal clear that Vitamin C & Vitamin E are essentials for overall health. Do you experience symptoms of a weakening immune system? Do you easily get colds or coughs? These symptoms are clear indicators that you need Vitamin C & Vitamin E to help improve these issues. Ultra Premium Vitamin C & Vitamin E has been developed to enact a positive turn for your Immune System providing amazing results to keep your immune system operating at 100% throughout the day.


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